The Recoverie

Block printed home goods and accessories


Another NY friend of mine came into town to visit this past weekend.  She taught me how to use Instagram on my iPhone, which I had never gotten around to doing by myself.  It’s kind of addicting…….



23 Days to go!!

These last few weeks have been crazy!  I have been in the TWERKSHOP almost every night working on new designs for my Etsy.  Can’t wait til May 3rd when I’m done applying, and I’ll know if I’m in or not!



 I recently visited NY, and stayed with a friend who works in the fashion world.  A few hours before I had to run to the airport, she (brilliantly) asked if I had ever been to ABC Carpet and Home.  My answer to this question was, “Taxiiii!!!!”  Here’s some pics from our visit:

All I can say is….I’m movin’ in!

All of the things are happening!

After a 4 day conference this past weekend concerning anything and everything business-y and crafty, I was inspired to start a design blog.  I’m a bit of design blog junkie to begin with, but I figure if anything, it’s a good place to send people when they ask me “what kind of art do you do?”.  I despise that question.