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Party Time


I celebrated my birthday a few weekends ago with an ice cream party at my flat in San Francisco.  I think if I had to have a real job it would have to be party planning.

So many fun details!



Great friends, and a 5 quarts of Bi-Rite.  Fantastic day!







Last year was absolutely insane.  I did waaay too many shows and kind of lost track of my focus for a while.  I did however have a BLAST with my favorite crafty vendors at all the shows and learned a lot as usual.

2013 is a fresh new year.  Things are already looking promising as I get my studio cleaned up and ready for my open house, coming up in just a week!  (better get on it!) is in the works, and should be up in a few weeks!  Also talking with some potential SF wholesalers which could be a great opportunity.  Not much to complain about, although I could use some more sleep per usual : )

Slooooowwww Dowwwwn Everything!!!

I’m back from months and months of chaos!  Turns out I DID get into Renegade fair, and I spent 2 full weeks before hand making as many new things as possible.  Definitely a learning experience.  That was about a week ago, and already I’m starting new designs for the Fall which I’m crazy excited about!  Also preparing for the first Indie Mart here in SF, coming up August 19th.  Brand new neat things for that show too!  So much happening, but loving every minute 🙂



Another NY friend of mine came into town to visit this past weekend.  She taught me how to use Instagram on my iPhone, which I had never gotten around to doing by myself.  It’s kind of addicting…….


23 Days to go!!

These last few weeks have been crazy!  I have been in the TWERKSHOP almost every night working on new designs for my Etsy.  Can’t wait til May 3rd when I’m done applying, and I’ll know if I’m in or not!


All of the things are happening!

After a 4 day conference this past weekend concerning anything and everything business-y and crafty, I was inspired to start a design blog.  I’m a bit of design blog junkie to begin with, but I figure if anything, it’s a good place to send people when they ask me “what kind of art do you do?”.  I despise that question.