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Good Grammar is Sexy

…At least according to Studio Nico.  Another English teacher worthy boutique I came across recently was the VO.CAB.U.LAR.Y Boutique in San Diego.

Cecelia Church runs this adorable shop in SD’s Little Italy.  Vocabulary sells clothing for men and women, and accessories for you and your home.  In addition to having a unique selection of products, they also have a pretty sweet design aesthetic that would have lured me in from the street, had I not already been going there to begin with.  Here’s some things I was (hopefully not visibly) drooling over during my visit.

414 W Cedar St
(between Columbia St & State St)
San Diego, CA 92101
Neighborhood: Little Italy


Cecelia, owner of Vocabulary



Cards and stationary


Hello, what are you?


Jewelry and accessories



This. This is so wonderful.

Such a great spot.  Definitely recommend stopping by if you’re in the area!  Little Italy has a lot of other cool shops and events that are always poppin off here too.  After we said goodbye to Cecelia we stopped by the farmer’s market for some fresh Uni.  (For my friend, not for me, seriously, did you think I’d put that scary creature in my mouth?!)




Fresh sea urchin!



I know what you’re thinking.  This chick is cray cray, it’s still the dead of Winter up in here.

True, but what I’m learning in the biz community is that you need to think a season ahead to keep up with the rest of the retail world.

So it turned out that a few weeks ago, I was invited to have dinner with a lovely couple in Berkeley.  Seeing that I rarely leave the city, it was a nice change of pace.  A mini vacation get-away, if you will.

IMG_7515   IMG_7480   IMG_7484


Aaah, nature.  I remember you..

Anyways, dinner turned into sleepover, which turned into brunch, which led me to wandering the streets of Berkeley mid Saturday.


IMG_7512    IMG_7504    IMG_7485


Pretty amazing.  I had a nice little adventure, collected some inspiration, and am now plotting for Spring.

Can’t wait to go back.


 I recently visited NY, and stayed with a friend who works in the fashion world.  A few hours before I had to run to the airport, she (brilliantly) asked if I had ever been to ABC Carpet and Home.  My answer to this question was, “Taxiiii!!!!”  Here’s some pics from our visit:

All I can say is….I’m movin’ in!